birthday minion

Birthdays are like funerals….The End!

LOL!! #PunIntended ; though birthdays are like funerals…in two ways

  1. Everyone who speaks up always has nice, warm words that make even the people that don’t know you wish they did.
  2. They tend to both have this reflective sobering effect. You start thinking about how you’ve been living and well, how you can live better.

So I turned 25 a week ago (23 June) and one of my younger siblings just had to mention that I am now 2 and a half decades old…hilarious yes but that really made me feel ancient @25. Thankfully a good friend of mine countered that by saying that growing old is inevitable but growing up is shaped by the decisions we make. Hard hitting truth right there.


I am not going to use my #BloggingFreeCard from @tahncube aka BetterMan) to talk about my age!…psssshhh nooo! So moving along…


Let’s rewind to 23 June 2017 when my day started and ended with a lot of number 1 I mentioned above – friends & family speaking life, encouragement and blessing over my life. In between the messages and calls, number 2 sorta eased its way in. It was the most challenging aspect for me because I literally traced the steps I have been taking for the past years. I must say there were countless “hmmm so what did I gain and lose from this step?” moments – immediately followed by forward bound thoughts like, “what can I do better? Which steps should I be taking right now to get to where I envision by this time next year and even beyond that?”

One thing that kept springing up during these reflections is: Saying YES to;

  • Giving freely and intentionally: I don’t know about you but most of my birthdays (and general days) are usually me-centred – from what presents I want, to what I want to do. Hey it’s my birthday (and my life) after all so it’s all me me me. Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying you shouldn’t enjoy/celebrate your birthday/life, but beyond that how often do I give of my time to the ones I love and would want to let know?! My focus has usually been on what I can get and not on how can I be a blessing to someone else. As my birthday came to close last Friday, I visited my grandma who is recovering from a stroke. I realised yes I am ‘celebrating’ (lol didn’t actually do much) and expecting to receive gifts and attention and all, but what am I giving today? So this new season I am saying yes to giving more of my time, my money, my smile, my words, my heart and the best of me.
  • Writing: I enjoy writing a lot and for the longest time I have been stalling on organising my writing. My little sister would be happiest to find out I finally organised myself and I am writing with discipline. I asked her to describe me this one time and she burst forth “Writer”; and went on and on along that trail unveiling her observations of me that I hadn’t really noticed. I am saying yes to creating content on my own site and having @tahncube aka Tah guest blog there..for a change lol!Do watch this space for more.
  • Exploring new avenues: There are a lot of things I do a lot of research on and just leave lying idly in my mind with zero implementation. One of these things is changing my eating habits ( I am sooooooo in love 🤗 with chocolate, sweet delights, pastries and all these different types of junk foods 😋. I usually have a top trending snack each month or couple of months until I discover something new 😊 ). It’s time I started cutting bits at a time. Fizzy drinks were first on the chopping block so I’ve been doing ok there but not as vigilant as I can be.


I am saying yes to; new avenues of healthy eating, growing natural hair (so far this has been a nightmare for me, something ought to give), creating visual content, relationships, financial wisdom, and so much more.

My intention with this post was not to give a highlight reel of my simple life / 25th birthday goals 😁 but more of an invitation for you to begin or continue to think around the things you may need to start saying yes to and consequently saying no to. It’s somewhat of a brave surrender but hey, if it’s going to be worthwhile and fulfilling for you in the end, why not?! I dare you to say yes to one thing as we begin a new day, week, month, year and watch yourself go.



You’re welcome to share your comment down below on what you are finally going to start saying yes to!

This is for you;


9 thoughts on “SAYING YES TO……….”

  1. I say yes to… 🤔
    When I first read the title I thought the piece would be about saying yes to that dress and I felt for the dude readers.
    Natural hair huh? Mine is natural and I don’t even need to grow it – I simply cut it. Say yes to that Rue!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I know I had something to do with that natural hair resolution😂😂. On a serious note, I’m saying yes to a new place and new friends.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ooooh yes to the new friends! As for natural hair, I am going to need you to write down the ‘formulas’ for me..again


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