Rue wrote:

You would think the blog is about a good man vouching for himself to the ladies or maybe challenging guys out there to step up and be better.. Well at least that’s what first crossed my mind when i saw “Better Man”

I read the first piece and have continued to read each one that followed. Funny that i find myself challenged to BE the better ‘man’

Better Man offers you a front seat ride to introspection. Expect confronting truths and questions and encouragement action steps to help you get to your desired place.

I have seen that the writer seeks to empower you to make wiser decisions that ultimately make you better; not in comparison with another person but with / within yourself. I consider this another home to/for my personal development. Tools to help shape and develop me are given; what i do with them determines whether I just get knowledge about being better or i actually become better.


Ephraim wrote:

Comical… Analytical… mmm lemme think more.

He’s still thinking.


Vulnerability, no matter how stupid has a way of giving you relatability.


Tah’s articles have a way of provoking thought on life and the things I do. gives me a different perspective as he shares his past and the man he is becoming.


Chilled…. provocative… down-to-earth…

Okay. where i used provocative and down-to-earth she really said rude and carefree. Not sure if she’s describing the blog or the writer. Siblings – smh..


Resourceful. Touches the issues people subconsciously think about. phenomenal.

Vee; I am yet to meet a ‘better man’ than him.



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